Grab a drink, let’s chat about God

No one wants to be told they’re wrong, including Chelsey Nickel, a 29-year-old Denverite who was raised Lutheran. So she joined her Catholic husband, Andy, and brought questions about the […]

Archbishop fielded questions on restored order during live event

Thousands of faithful listened in on a live phone call when Archbishop Samuel Aquila explained that when it comes to receiving the sacraments, a person’s age is not as important […]

Pedaling priest treks cross country for Christ

UPDATED: After a prayer and warm send-off from locals, Father John Hilton dipped his bicycle tire in the Pacific Ocean and embarked on a 3,500-mile bike ride across America. Father […]

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Men such as these: a Memorial Day reflection

Like most denizens of Washington, I pay too little attention to the sites other Americans make sacrifices to visit. Earlier this month, though, prompted by reading James Scott’s Target Tokyo, […]

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Being together when you’re apart

This is a common scenario we see in our marriage coaching: the husband travels each week for his job while the wife is responsible for working her part-time job and […]

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What is VSED and why should it matter to us?

More than 20 years ago, Dr. David Eddy, writing in the Journal of the American Medical Association, described how his mother, though not suffering from a terminal illness, chose to […]

Centro director calls service to Hispanic community an honor

UPDATED: Luis Soto, director of the Archdiocese of Denver’s Hispanic Ministry and executive director of Centro San Juan Diego, departed June 5. “It is time to let someone else take […]

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Reorienting religious education

This column is adapted from a May 19 address that Archbishop Aquila delivered to catechists at the Leadership Appreciation Breakfast. Consider the wake of a great ship, which begins in […]

Saints Among Us

Amid the many theological and pastoral reasons for lowering the age of confirmation and restoring it to its original place before first Eucharist, none ranks higher for Archbishop Samuel J. […]

A brief catechism on the “restored order”

Are you confused by all the talk of the “restored order”? Are you unfamiliar with terms such as “sacraments of initiation” and “age of reason”? Don’t worry; it’s all quite […]

Ressourcement for Confirmation

This article was originally published in The Sower and is reproduced here by permission. The Second Vatican Council called for a “ressourcement” (a return to the sources) for the sacraments […]

Lighthouse expands hours to divert abortion-bound

Abortion-vulnerable women drive down Pontiac Street toward Planned Parenthood of the Rockies in Denver regularly. When they come, Lighthouse Women’s Center staff wants to be ready with an open door. […]