Stand together and walk for the Way of the Cross

Aaron Lambert

There’s never been a better time to stand together as Catholics and Christians. As we go through the Lenten season and approach Holy Week, many may be wondering how they can make […]

Columbine: Out of evil comes a greater good

Julie Filby

This article was originally published on April 19, 2014 to commemorate the 15th anniversary of the Columbine High School shooting. After the tragedy at Columbine High School 15 years ago, […]

Meet three of the Catholic Church’s newest faithful

Moira Cullings

As we approach Easter, catechumens and candidates throughout the Archdiocese of Denver are joining or coming back to the Catholic Church. The Denver Catholic spoke with three men and women […]

Leisure, work, and how to truly celebrate the holy days


“Well, it’s almost the weekend.” Who has not heard a co-worker utter this phrase on a Thursday or Friday morning? “The weekend” presents itself as a promise ready to fulfill […]

BREAKING: Fire engulfs Notre Dame cathedral in Paris

Catholic News Agency

Photo by Geoffroy Van Der Hasselt/AFP/Getty Images Paris, France, Apr 15, 2019 / 11:33 am (CNA).- The Cathedrale Notre-Dame is on fire, according to the Paris fire department. Multiple eyewitnesses […]

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Colorado Catholic bishops remember Columbine on 20th anniversary

Colorado’s bishops have issued a joint statement recognizing the 20th anniversary of the April 20, 1999 shooting at Columbine High School that claimed the lives of 12 students and one […]


The Easter Effect today

Some two millennia ago, a ragtag bunch of nobodies learned what their tortured and executed friend, the rabbi Jesus from Nazareth, meant by “rising from the dead” (Mark 9:9-10) — […]

Reception kicks off Professor of Theological Studies at Colorado State University

By Peter Droege An overflow crowd of more than 150 people gathered in the Lory Center at Colorado State University March 31 to celebrate the launch of the endowment for […]

‘Development of doctrine’: An excuse to change Church teaching?

The concept of the “development of doctrine” has become an important topic of discussion for many people in the Church, including theologians, when considering whether changes can be made to […]

Form a cross out of a palm frond

Learn how to make a cross out of the palm frond you receive at Mass on Palm Sunday using the step-by-step instructions below. Just don’t use it as an excuse […]


Unplanned and the destruction of innocence

I saw the movie Unplanned this weekend. It hit me hard. Not that I suddenly realized abortion is wrong. I have known that since I was a kid. I counseled […]

Five reasons to send your child to summer camp at Annunciation Heights

Luke Hlavin is the Assistant Program Director at Annunciation Heights. Summer is quickly approaching.  School will soon be drawing to a close. Alongside the excitement and anticipation that the change […]


How Juan Carlos Reyes lived the Resurrection

“Do not be afraid!” the angel told Mary Magdalene, “I know that you are seeking Jesus the crucified. He is not here, for he has been raised just as he […]

Walking from St. Louis to Denver, pilgrim spreads word about holy woman Julia Greeley

On Ash Wednesday mendicant pilgrim Ann Sieben began walking from St. Louis, Mo., to Denver, traveling to sites where ex-slave Julia Greeley worked as a domestic in the 1800s, to […]

Overcoming scrupulosity with God’s mercy – and a therapist

Ignatius of Loyola, Alphonsus Liguori and Therese of Lisieux are only a few of the saints who suffered from scrupulosity on their path to sainthood. Their desire to follow God […]


Creation, redemption, martyrdom: A Lenten reflection

A Lenten quiz: Which came first, God’s creation of the world or God’s covenant with Israel? If we think in terms of mere chronology, the answer is obvious. If we […]

Vincentians’ face-to-face encounters transform community in need

All it took was just over 500 volunteers to shape the lives of more than 20,000 individuals in need here in Colorado last year. Those served were both families and […]