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Pope Francis elevates Las Vegas to a metropolitan archdiocese

Pope Francis created a new ecclesiastical province in the United States on Tuesday by elevating Las Vegas to a metropolitan archdiocese. The Vatican announced on May 30 that Bishop George Leo Thomas will be the first metropolitan archbishop of Las Vegas. Thomas has served as the bishop of Las Vegas since 2018.

Everything you need to know about incorruptibility

How does the Church define the incorruptibility of saints, and what does the phenomenon signify?

Survey: Fewer Americans confident about God’s existence, but many still pray

Only about half of Americans now say they are certain that God exists, and though regular religious attendance has declined, many Americans say they still pray several times a day.

A miracle in Missouri? Body of Benedictine Sisters’ foundress thought to be incorrupt

Hundreds of pilgrims have descended on a Benedictine monastery for religious sisters in rural Missouri in recent days after news began to spread on social media last week that the recently exhumed remains of the contemplative order’s African American foundress appear to be incorrupt, four years after her death and burial in a simple wooden coffin.

Film about freedom activist Jimmy Lai surpasses 1 million YouTube views in under 2 weeks

A new film about Hong Kong media mogul turned pro-democracy activist Jimmy Lai has amassed more than 1 million views on YouTube and over 4 million views on TikTok in just two weeks.

Catholic bishops, educators ask regulators to reject transgender sports rule

Catholic bishops and educators are asking the Department of Education to reject a proposed rule change that would force K–12 schools and higher education institutions to allow biologically male students to participate in female athletics in certain cases if they receive federal funding.

Study: Most American corporations receive failing grades in religious freedom, free speech

A report that reviewed the policies of 75 major American corporations found rampant disregard for religious freedom and free speech in virtually every company and only saw eight businesses improve from last year.

Catholics at the U.S.-Mexico border: ‘Too many people to help, but someone has to’

As the political debate rages over how to manage a new surge of migrants, Catholics like Rosario Reynolds living along the U.S.-Mexico border face a more personal dilemma: how to respond to desperate new arrivals they encounter in their communities and churches every day.

What is Title 42, why are the bishops against it, and what will happen next?

Title 42, the public health law that for the last three years has limited immigration into the United States, is set to expire on Thursday, May 11.

U.S. bishops condemn ‘Secure the Border Act of 2023’

Bishop Mark Seitz of El Paso issued an open letter to Congress on May 5 strongly condemning the Secure the Border Act of 2023 as “extreme” and expressing the U.S. bishops’ position that the bill’s passage “is beyond justification.”

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