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Local Art Show Celebrates the Eucharist


As northern Colorado prepares to welcome the National Eucharistic Pilgrimage to our backyards, one mountain parish is gearing up for the visit by putting together a special art exhibit titled “Celebrating the Eucharist.”

Holy Name Catholic Parish in Steamboat Springs plans to host the highly reverent display of art featuring the Most Blessed Sacrament just days before a Eucharistic Procession, part of the National Eucharistic Pilgrimage, takes place in Steamboat Springs.

In a world hungry for the truth of the Gospel, for an encounter with the person of Jesus Christ, beauty is a powerful evangelizing tool. Pope Benedict XVI once noted, “Today, for faith to grow, we must lead ourselves and the persons we meet to encounter the saints and to enter into contact with the Beautiful.”

“Evangelization happens through beauty,” Dr. Jared Staudt wrote in a Denver Catholic reflection on the spiritual power of beauty. “Art provides an initial sign of the Christian vision, and Christian witness confirms its living reality in the world.”

2D artists from around the country are invited to contribute their beautiful, prayerful pieces to the exhibition. Artwork can be any respectful representation (realism or abstract) of the Holy Eucharist. The deadline for entries is April 30th.

The exhibit will open with a special opening reception on June 1 and will be open June 4th and 5th. All are invited to contribute their art, and to attend the exhibit!

For more information, visit Holy Name Parish’s website.
To contribute art, see the Call for Entries.


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