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Privacy Policy

Our commitment to your privacy

The Archdiocese of Denver understands that you are concerned about protecting your personal information. We are committed to safeguarding your privacy, and will protect your personal information collected by us when you utilize the event registration, subscription, donation and related pages on our Web site. We thank you for your support and trust.

What information do we collect and what do we use it for?

We collect personal information that you voluntarily provide to us for purposes of event registrations, subscriptions, and donations during your visit to our website For example, when you register for a special event, we will ask for your name and contact information. Depending on the activity, we may also collect payment information, including standard credit card data.

We also collect personal information that you voluntarily provide for purposes of responding to your inquiries or requests.

Further, we may enter your contact information into one of our databases in order to contact you to obtain your input, provide information about our programs and events, or request financial information or volunteer support.

We may collect other information through the use of computer “cookies” to facilitate future visits to our website and to allow our host server to collect minimal behavioral information to help us better serve you. A cookie is a small text file that helps us to recognize repeat visitors, to facilitate a visitor’s ongoing access to and use of a website, track usage behavior, and compile aggregate data so that we may measure interest in and use of our website to deliver and improve website content. Cookie settings may be adjusted by you through your web browser / security software settings. Should you allow computer cookies from our website, know that these are simple text files that are stored on a visitor’s computer and are not executable files or viruses. No personal information is gathered through cookies. Should you choose to deny the use of cookies, it is possible that you may lose some website functionality.

How is information collected?

Electronic collection of personal information by us shall be performed through your voluntary interaction with our website. We will never electronically request personal information from you outside of our website pages, and will never send you an email requesting that you provide personal information. Any electronic request from us for personal information will take place within the website pages during your visit. If you receive an email requesting your personal information that purports to be from us, please do not respond and report this misuse to us.

What about the security of my personal information, and information sharing and storage?

Except for payment information which is never stored by us (see below), the personal information collected from you will never be sold, traded, shared or otherwise transferred to anyone else by us without you giving your explicit approval at the time of collection. In some instances, we may share your personal information with our vendors and service providers, but only to the extent we have contracted with them to assist us with our events and programs. These vendors and service providers will not be authorized to utilize your personal information for any other purposes.

When you provide payment information, such as credit card data, this type of personal information is never stored by us on our website or elsewhere, but is processed by a third party financial institution with whom we contract through its secure servers which meet industry standard security protocols that include encryption, access controls, network firewalls, physical security and related measures.

In accordance with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998 (“COPPA”) we do not knowing collect information about children under the age of 13.

Regarding the use of advertising networks to place ads on the website

The Denver Catholic website may contain advertising that was placed from an advertising network. Advertising networks use cookies and other basic information about your devices and you in order to serve advertising. Each of these networks may use cookies and other automatically collected information to determine which advertisements they will show to you. The Archdiocese of Denver provides no personal or other information to these services, and the information they collect comes from their interaction with the browser and device you use to access the website.

The following ad network may place ads on this website, and a link to their policy follows:
CleanMedia: http://cleanmedia.net/company/PrivacyPolicy/

Third Parties and Other websites

At times our website includes links to other websites we think may be of interest to our visitors. Some of these links or advertisements may be provided by a third party, who may collect additional information about you when you visit our website.  When you leave our website, your choice to provide personal information to any other website is governed by its policies. Links are provided by us solely for information and research purposes and do not constitute an endorsement of any products, services or the information found on them.