How one Denver priest helped rescue Christina Khodor from ISIS

A young girl kidnapped by ISIS at the age of three was recently returned to her parents after almost three years. Now, St. Rafka’s Mission of Hope and Mercy is […]

Mideast Christian advocates call for safe zones in Syria

Though mainstream media is relatively silent when it comes to the situation in the Middle East, a very real threat still looms overseas, one that continues to affect millions of […]

Religious leaders unite in defense of persecuted Christians

Archbishop Samuel J. Aquila, accompanied by his predecessor, Cardinal James Francis Stafford, joined with Orthodox leaders of Denver earlier this month to jointly condemn the violence of Islamic State and […]

Ecumenical community rallies at second annual prayer breakfast

Each day, innocent Christians around the world are ruthlessly martyred for their faith. It would seem a pressing social justice issue, yet it often falls upon deaf ears. Father Andre […]

Second annual Ecumenical Prayer Breakfast to raise awareness for plight of Mideast Christians

Father Andre Mahanna is a man on a mission — a mission of hope and mercy. In May of last year, Father Mahanna hosted the first annual Ecumenical Prayer Breakfast, […]

Plight of the persecuted

Ahead of Holy Week, legislation passed by the House of Representatives formally designated the ongoing persecution of Christians in the Middle East by Islamic State as genocide. House Resolution 75 […]

‘It is with joy that we have met like brothers’

Pope Francis and Patriarch Kirill of the Russian Orthodox Church came together and set a precedent for ecumenical relations in a historic meeting that took place in Cuba on Feb. […]

Responding to refugees in radical love

With so many opposing voices regarding the Syrian refugee crisis in America, it’s hard to know how to react. On one end of the spectrum, people such as President Barack […]