The fifty-day party

If you can find it in your attic, open your old, pre-Vatican II missal, and look at the Sundays between Easter and Pentecost, which are titled “Sundays after Easter.” Now […]

Six ways to transform your suffering with Stations of the Cross

Holy Week is a perfect time to reflect on Jesus’ suffering and what his passion means to us in our own. We can’t ever escape suffering in this life, but […]

How the Good Friday liturgy can change your life

Most of us aren’t strangers to the Good Friday service, or Good Friday itself, for that matter — but sometimes we go through the motions and miss the richness behind […]


Weigel: The merciful grace of the truth

At the Easter Vigil a few weeks ago, tens of thousands of men and women, mature adults, were baptized or entered into full communion with the Catholic Church. Each of […]

The boldness of Easter The boldness of Easter


Archbishop’s Column: The boldness of Easter

“Holiness is not for wimps, and the Cross isn’t negotiable, sweetheart. It’s a requirement,” the late Mother Angelica once told a caller to her TV show. Sometimes we need a […]


PHOTO GALLERY: Holy oils blessed during Chrism Mass

Each year during Holy Week, all of the holy oils to be used until Easter the following year are blessed at the Chrism Mass. Archbishop Samuel J. Aquila, along with […]


Archbishop’s Column: The rebirth of hope

“Christ my hope is arisen!” This line from the sequence sang at Easter Sunday Mass captures the heart of what happens in our redemption – the love of the Father, […]

Witnessing to Christ

Local faithful brought the cross, a symbol of Jesus’ death and resurrection, to the forefront of their hearts and minds. Archbishop Samuel Aquila celebrated a solemn service on Good Friday […]

Age of mercy

On Easter Sunday millions of Catholics gather with family and friends to celebrate the day when Christ conquered death and rose from the dead. But that’s not the end of […]

Lift up before lift off

Those traveling the friendly skies on Easter Sunday will have the opportunity to attend Mass at Denver International Airport this year. “This will be a first in many years,” explained […]

Finding the man on the cross

The crowd gathers before the imposing Capitol building to follow the lone man carrying the simple wooden cross through Denver’s well-trodden downtown streets and steely skyscrapers. Windows reflect the prayerful […]

Pray. Fast. Give.

The penitential season of Lent begins Ash Wednesday, Feb. 18, and continues through Holy Thursday, April 2. Easter, the commemoration of Christ’s resurrection, will be April 5. The following are […]