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Response to poor should be personal (with video)

Christ in the City missionaries give free lunches at a downtown park not only to feed the homeless physically but spiritually.

Some 200 homeless and needy savored a lunch in Civic Center Park downtown Sept. 13 during the Catholic missionary groups’ monthly Saturday outreach.

The missionaries and volunteers spent time with the homeless over its “Lunch in the Park” when food is served and time is spent forming relationships with the poor.

Missionaries shared with the Denver Catholic Register the best way for other Christians to respond to those who are on the streets.

“As Christians, we believe that we are all made in the image and likeness of God,” said missionary Kelly Archer. “Our response to any human being would be to treat them with the dignity and respect that they have just by being born of our almighty God. And so our response to the homeless should be just that—to give them dignity, to give them time, a listening ear, eye contact and just our presence.”

When someone sees a homeless person their first reaction should be personal, said missionary Adam Ureneck.

“Our Christian response should be a personal one. Each person in their own conscience needs to ask themselves ‘What am I doing for the poor?’” he said.

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When Christians give, especially when they have a personal encounter with the poor, they often receive more.

“Also there’s something you gain in the process,” Ureneck continued. “You realize that you’ve actually received more from the experience than they have. There’s this wonderful relationship or offering God gives you because you’re doing these things for the poor.”

The missionaries shared more thoughts and insights into responding to the poor in a video series produced by the Register.




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