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How we vote matters, archbishop says

If Christ is truly the priority in a person’s life, then how one votes will be influenced by one’s faith, Archbishop Samuel Aquila said.

It’s essential for couples to give witness to the world on what it means to follow Christ, the archbishop preached during the annual anniversary Mass Oct. 5 at the Cathedral Basilica of the Immaculate Conception.

Part of following Christ means voting one’s faith in the voting booth, he said.

“If Christ is truly first in our life, then how we vote matters, how we stand for life matters, how we stand in the truth matters,” he said.

The reason public policies against the sanctity of life or marriage thrive is because Catholics are not living this witness, he said.

“The only reason that human life is not respected in the United States anymore, the only reason our society is embracing same-sex unions so easily, the only reason that religious freedom and the sanctity of conscience is under attack is because Catholics are not living their faith,” the archbishop continued. “They are not putting Jesus Christ first before anything else.”

He pointed out sometimes the faithful get caught up in being more faithful to a particular party rather than reflecting on the truths Christ revealed and considering the common good of society when voting.

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He warned the church crowd of the deception spread when Christians are told to keep their faith out of the voting booth.

“My sisters and brothers,” he said, “they are voting their unbelief when they go in (the voting booth). Why should we not vote our faith? It is hypocrisy on their part.”

The archbishop added when witness is given to Christ, peace and joy will come, and it’s something “no one can ever take away.”



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