Q&A: Cheap Sex and why today’s young people are postponing marriage

It doesn’t take much to realize that young men and women are waiting longer to get married. And although some of the most common reasons given tend to be “lack […]


Forming disciples in the parish and home

Twenty-five years ago, Pope St. John Paul II called Catholics to enter a new evangelization during World Youth Day in Denver. This evangelization (the sharing of the good news) re-engages […]

New study finds Catholic school students have better self-discipline

A Catholic education doesn’t just help foster better spiritual discipline; it can help to improve a student’s self-discipline, too. At least that’s what a recent study conducted by the University […]


Fackenheim’s Law and the Current Catholic Crisis

The medieval Jewish sage Maimonides counted 613 commandments, or mitzvot, in the Law that God gave his people, Israel. The 20th-century Jewish philosopher Emil Fackenheim, who escaped the Nazis’ genocidal […]

Adopt-a-Student program helps donors ‘put a face’ to the impact of their gifts

As a child of eight who grew up in a lower income neighborhood in St. Louis, Joe Schmid understands how a Catholic education can open the door to greater opportunities. […]

Read Archbishop Aquila’s letter in response to the Pennsylvania Grand Jury Report

The following letter written by Archbishop Samuel J. Aquila in response to the Pennsylvania Grand Jury report was read at all weekend Masses Aug. 17-18. 18 August 2018 My dear […]

Past 25 years remembered, next 25 anticipated at More Than You Realize conference

“Be not afraid!” This was the rallying cry at the Aug. 11 More Than You Realize conference, echoing the very same call St. John Paul II gave exactly 25 years […]

Julia Greeley’s cause off to the Vatican

On August 10, Archbishop Samuel J. Aquila presided over the solemn closing session of the diocesan inquiry of the cause of beatification and canonization of the Servant of God Julia […]


The current crisis

The outbreak of the Franco-Prussian war caused the premature suspension of the First Vatican Council on October 20, 1870 and left the Church’s theological self-understanding somewhat imbalanced. In its first […]

WYD marked a milestone in their lives

The life and faith of thousands of youth of the time was deeply impacted and transformed by World Youth Day Denver 1993. The fruit of their participation in the event […]

Pope John Paul II called for a New Evangelization; Denver answered

Shortly after Pope John Paul II visited Denver during World Youth Day in 1993, Curtis Martin had the opportunity to meet with the pope and share his vision for an […]


Will this generation respond?

Pope John Paul II said he came to Denver to proclaim the Gospel in the “modern metropolis,” but some organizers thought only 60,000 pilgrims would show up. The 750,000 people […]