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Have you ever wondered about the role of angels in the spiritual life?

Angels are spiritual, immortal beings who possess superior intelligence and power to mankind. For millennia, they have captivated the human imagination. Many people turn to the angels for their protective guidance, while others are fascinated with their God-given attributes. They were created by God to serve as his messengers and workers. Throughout human history, angels have played essential roles in communicating God’s plan to and for mankind, such as the announcement of the Incarnation by the Archangel Gabriel to Mary.
Holy Scripture and theologians classify angels into the following nine choirs or hierarchies:

Spiritual beings with three pairs of wings who ceaselessly minister before the throne of God and continually proclaim, “Holy, holy, holy, Lord God of Hosts.”

Four-winged angelic beings who possess a profound knowledge of God, serve as guardians of his glory, and contemplate his wisdom.

Heavenly beings of pure contemplation, humility, justice, and grace. They continually ponder God’s power and justice.

Supernatural beings of leadership and authority who govern the universe and assign duties and missions to the lesser choirs of angels.

Benevolent beings who oversee the natural world, execute the commands of the Dominions, and oversee the heavenly bodies. The possess control over the seasons, stars, moon, sun, planet, and weather.

Angelic warriors who fight the evil forces of the demonic spirits to protect the cosmos and humans. They battle evil spirits who are determined to inflict chaos in the world and upon mankind.

Celestial beings who protect and defend earthly principalities, such as nations, states, cities, and parishes.

Angelic beings who serve as God’s special messengers to mankind at critical times in human history and salvation history, such as the Annunciation.

Guardian Angel
Heavenly spirits who are assigned by God to lead, guard, and protect each human being.

In honor of these spiritual beings, the Archbishop created the “Nine Choirs of Angels Giving Society.” As Christians, we, too, are called to serve God as his messengers (disciples who are eager to evangelize his infinite love for mankind) and his workers (followers who strive to extend his kingdom on earth).

To learn more about how you can join the special leadership giving society through a gift to the Archbishop’s Catholic Appeal, visit

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COMING UP: Ways to give to Archbishop’s Catholic Appeal

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Donating to the annual Archbishop’s Catholic Appeal has a great impact on the wider Church’s reach in northern Colorado. It not only funds various crucial ministries that carry out the general operations of the archdiocese, such as the Offices of Catholic Schools, Evangelization and Family Life Ministries, and Child and Youth Protection, it also helps to fund the many outreach ministries we have here in Denver, such as Catholic Charities, Centro San Juan Diego and much more.

Thankfully, giving to Archbishop’s Catholic Appeal has never been easier. Here are all the ways you can consider giving a gift during this year’s campaign.

Recurring Monthly Gift

This is the easiest and most convenient way to give. Why not integrate your gift to the Archbishop’s Catholic Appeal into your monthly budget? Setting it up online takes less than five minutes, and the automatic withdrawals each month ensure that you don’t have to worry about it anymore – and that those souls the Church serves can benefit directly from your gift each month.


Break up your gift to the Archbishop’s Catholic Appeal into several payments by making a pledge. You can pledge whatever amount you’d like and split it into up to eight monthly payments.

One-Time Gift

If it’s more convenient to give a one-time gift, that option is available as well. Give any amount you’d like online, through an envelope given out at your parish or included with the Denver Catholic, or by phone.

Ministries that benefit from Archbishop’s Catholic Appeal

Remember, your gift will directly fund nearly 40 ministries that help to carry out the mission of the Church in northern Colorado and will impact countless lives. Here are just a few of the ministries your gift helps to fund and some of the work they do.

Catholic Charities

Catholic Charities of Denver is the archdiocese’s “charitable arm,” which seeks to extend the healing ministry of Jesus by helping the poor and those in need. Included under Catholic Charities’ umbrella is Samaritan House, the Respect Life Office, Marisol Health, the Gabriel House Project, Archdiocesan affordable housing and much, much more.


The St. John Vianney and Redemptoris Mater Seminaries of the Archdiocese of Denver are nationally-recognized for their exceptional academic and spiritual formation. Currently, 128 seminarians would benefit from this much-needed support, which helps provide funding for academic programs, food and housing, seminarian health insurance and more.

Centro San Juan Diego
A nationally-recognized organization that provides services to members of the Spanish-speaking community in the Archdiocese of Denver, Centro San Juan Diego helps form tomorrow’s Hispanic leaders. In partnership with the Office of Hispanic Ministries of the archdiocese, it hosts numerous faith-based courses and programs.

Annunciation Heights
Annunciation Heights is the archdiocese’s new Catholic youth and family camp and retreat center located just south of Estes Park. Displaying the beauty of God’s creation, Annunciation Heights is a place where people can “withdraw from a hectic and busy culture and come to know and experience a true friendship with Jesus.”

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I donate to the Archbishop’s Catholic Appeal?

As followers of Christ who embodied perfect charity, we are called to support the charitable outreach efforts of our Archdiocesan Church. Much like you are asked to support the pastoral programs of your parish, you are also called to provide for the needs of the wider Church of northern Colorado.

How is the Archdiocese of Denver addressing the current Church crisis?

The Archdiocese of Denver is committed to full transparency and change in the Church. In 2018, the website was created to educate the faithful on the archdiocese’s handling, prevention, and response policies regarding the crisis. Archbishop Samuel J. Aquila also committed to have an independent review of all priest files related to the sexual abuse of minors. Be assured that 100% of your Appeal gift will support ministry operations and that no Appeal funds were, are, or will ever be used for legal expenses or settlements. Donate to the Appeal with confidence knowing that your gift will be prudently invested in programs that evangelize the faith and serve others.

I donate to the Appeal every year, so why am I asked to increase my gift?

There are many ministries that face increased demands for their services every year. For example, the number of men, women, and children living on the streets continues to rise, the need to make lifelong disciples for Christ through catechesis instruction has never been more compelling, and the financial outlay associated with the education of today’s seminarians grows every year. Your additional sacrifice will help offset the increase in costs.

How much does it cost to conduct the Archbishop’s Catholic Appeal?

The total operating costs associated with last year’s Appeal were only 3.7%. As a result, more than 96 cents of every dollar received was distributed to Catholic ministries.

To donate to Archbishop’s Catholic Appeal, visit