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WATCH | Archbishop Aquila and Denver’s Cathedral featured on The Chair series

The Archdiocese of Denver announces the release of an innovative, insightful program hosted by Archbishop Samuel J. Aquila and featuring Denver’s own Cathedral Basilica of the Immaculate Conception. The program is the latest episode from The Chair, a series that celebrates the best of Catholicism today.

The Chair appeals to a broad audience, both religious and secular, as well as anyone interested in the Cathedral’s rich history. With exceptional visuals and production values, the program blends the history, architecture, and art of the cathedral and diocese, with Archbishop Aquila’s example of being a holy man in a modern world. The Bishop shares his own faith journey, his current concerns, and his hopes for a bright future.

The 22-minute episode takes as its starting point a chair: specifically the Bishop’s chair, known as the cathedra — from which we get the name “cathedral.” It is the symbolic heart of the diocese, representing the Bishop’s authority to sanctify, preach and govern as a true successor of the Apostles. 

From the exquisite details and symbolism of the cathedra chair and the church building, The Chair goes on to explore the human side of our area. Archbishop Aquila talks about some of the challenges facing the diocese today, and how he is working to improve the lives of his flock and the wider northern Colorado community. From start to finish, the program shows the 105-year-old cathedral, and the millenia-old Catholic faith, in a fresh, modern light.


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