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TOGETHER We Will Rise | Get your copy of our special Easter magazine

If you have a print subscription to the Denver Catholic, then you’re in for an (Easter) treat.

This week, a special magazine edition of the Denver Catholic will be arriving in your mailbox. Because we aren’t able to be together for Easter Mass this year, we wanted to bring a little bit of that Easter spirit to you.

This special edition to the Denver Catholic was compiled with help from Faith Magazine, and it is split into three sections:

1. Spiritual Growth: While we’re all stuck at home, perhaps the Lord is trying to get our attention and call us into deeper relationship with him. Through a series of articles and practical lists, we hope to help facilitate spiritual growth among our readers and pray that the Lord speaks to you through them.

2. Emotional Health: On the other hand, being holed up at home isn’t so easy. There is so much uncertainty in the world right now, and it’s easy for us to slip into isolation and loneliness when we aren’t able to engage in our normal social avenues. This section provides insight into how we can work with Lord to care for our mental health in this time.

3. Children At Home: Lastly, many parents are now homeschooling their children while schools are closed, making for a unique challenge. On top of that, without the usual playdates and outdoor activities to keep them busy, it’s easy to run out of things for kids to do at home. We offer some tips for organizing the day for school at home, as well as a few other activities to keep your little ones busy.

Two ways to subscribe!

If you are not subscribed to the print edition of the Denver Catholic but would like a physical copy of the magazine, we can make that happen. Simply fill out the form below and we’ll make sure to mail you a copy. While you’re at it, be sure to subscribe to our weekly digital newsletter too if you haven’t already done so! (NB: The magazine was sent to print subscribers and replaces the 4/11 issue of the newspaper.)

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If you’d prefer to read the magazine online, click the image below.

Just as Christ will rise on Easter Sunday, we, too, will all rise together, in communion with the Lord, and with each other. Thank you for reading, and may the Lord bless you abundantly in this Easter season!

We’ll leave you with this beautiful image and quote from Pope Francis’ extraordinary Urbi et Orbi Address on March 27:

Photo by Vatican Media

“Embracing his cross means finding the courage to embrace all the hardships of the present time, abandoning for a moment our eagerness for power and possessions in order to make room for the creativity that only the Spirit is capable of inspiring. It means finding the courage to create spaces where everyone can recognize that they are called, and to allow new forms of hospitality, fraternity and solidarity. By his cross we have been saved in order to embrace hope and let it strengthen and sustain all measures and all possible avenues for helping us protect ourselves and others. Embracing the Lord in order to embrace hope: that is the strength of faith, which frees us from fear and gives us hope.”

Aaron Lambert
Aaron Lambert
Aaron is the Managing Editor for the Denver Catholic.

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