Did an out-of-touch abortion stance cause Democrats to lose the Senate?

In the wake of momentous losses for U.S. Democrats on Election Day Nov. 4, one group said the party’s abortion stance may be isolating voters and hindering candidates on both […]

How we vote matters, archbishop says

If Christ is truly the priority in a person’s life, then how one votes will be influenced by one’s faith, Archbishop Samuel Aquila said. It’s essential for couples to give […]

Casting an informed vote

Casting a ballot this election has to the power to alter society—that is, if it’s done well, according to local experts. Regis University Professor Daniel Wessner, chair of the history […]

Catholic conference weighs in on looming election

TV screens are bombarded with messages from political candidates seeking voters’ support. Mailboxes are filled with pamphlets alerting voters of proposed ballot initiatives. Media professionals are capturing candidate stump speeches […]