Curtail our culture of violence by addressing abortion

Many people are worried about the increasing levels of violence in our country, and over the past week, three states passed laws that address a key contributor to our culture […]

The book mainstream media won’t talk about or want you to read

With 40 Days for Life starting March 1, it’s important to remember why we pray to end abortion. Here’s a little reminder, courtesy of a recently published book on the […]

Archdiocese to hold first Day of Remembrance for babies lost to abortion

Unnamed and largely unknown, more than 3,300 babies are lost to abortion every day in the United States, according to the Guttmacher Institute. To honor these innocents, recognize their human […]

Introducing Marisol Health

When a woman finds herself in a crisis pregnancy, she needs more than a free test and a referral; she needs a connection to a wide network of support that […]

An insider’s perspective on Planned Parenthood videos

Dr. John Bruchalski speaks all over the country on his conversion from abortionist to founder of a large pro-life medical clinic in northern Virginia, but when he comes to Denver […]

Planned Parenthood videos spark prayerful protest

Pro-life supporters around the country are responding to the series of videos exposing Planned Parenthood’s inhumane practice of harvesting and selling aborted baby organs by getting down on their knees. […]

Planned Parenthood scandal hits Denver

At least one Colorado university was named as a fetal tissue recipient in a series of undercover videos on Planned Parenthood and the alleged selling of baby parts. The latest […]

A time to pray

Horrific videos revealing Planned Parenthood’s dealings with aborted baby parts moved Colorado’s bishops to call for a day of prayer. “We call on all people of good will in Colorado […]

Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains: An ex-employee’s perspective

Three years ago I was the happiest guy on earth. I had a great job paying over $100K a year, an amazing wife, and a beautiful step son. I learned […]

Planned Parenthood sets price for aborted baby organs

An undercover video released July 21 allegedly shows a senior official at Planned Parenthood flippantly discussing monetary compensation for aborted baby organs, and the alteration of abortion procedures to ensure […]

NARAL applauds more pro-abortion lawmakers

Stanch pro-abortion advocates stood in applause at a NARAL fundraiser for state lawmakers who fought pro-life bills at the Capitol—a move Catholic leader Jenny Kraska called “extreme.” With plaques and […]

A second chance

Amy felt torn while waiting inside the abortion clinic. Upset and confused, she didn’t want another baby, especially at 38 years old. But during her appointment, her mind replayed the […]