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Partial indulgence for Mother Cabrini’s 75th canonization anniversary elevated to plenary indulgence

In November of last year, Archbishop Samuel J. Aquila issued a decree granting a partial indulgence to those who visit Mother Cabrini Shrine and spend time in prayer to honor the 75th anniversary of St. Frances Xavier Cabrini’s canonization.

Now, that partial indulgence has been elevated to a plenary indulgence with permission from the Holy See. The indulgence can be received by meeting the necessary conditions anytime between now and Mother Cabrini’s feast day on Nov. 13.

In addition to being in a state of grace and being detached from all sin, even venial, there are three conditions attached to all plenary indulgences:

1. Sacramental confession

2. Reception of Holy Communion

3. Prayer for the intentions of the Pope.

These conditions can be fulfilled up to 20 days before or after the act performed to receive a plenary indulgence, although it is recommended that Holy Communion be received and prayer for the intentions of the Pope be done on the day of.

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Plenary indulgences connected with visiting a Sacred Space also normally require the praying of an Our Father and Creed during the visit.

To learn more about Mother Cabrini Shrine, visit mothercabrinishrine.org.


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