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More not your grandma’s religious gifts

With ordinations, confirmations and several weeks of Easter ahead, many Denver Catholics are probably in need of some religious gifts. Leave the holy cards and rosaries to Great-Aunt Mabel. Here’s how the fun people are shopping:

Baby priests

Photo credit: wikicommons
Photo credit: wikicommons

First, a disclaimer: Literally every priest surveyed said they would prefer money to gifts, simply because they get so many presents already. However, if you’re crafty and can’t help yourself, you could always make them a pocket priest kit.

Purchase a small confession stole, two small bottles, and a small wallet or rosary pouch, with a separate, smaller, waterproof drawstring pouch for the stole. Label one of the bottles “oil” and the other “water”. If possible, fit a small handkerchief/purificator and a crucifix inside. The idea is for it to be small enough to fit in his pocket so that he’s always prepared in case of sacramental emergency. A cheaper option would be just to get a small but dignified pouch and a travel stole, so he can at least have something to wear for Confessions.

Some companies also sell travel Mass kits. It might be best just to get him a gift certificate and let him pick out which one he likes best.

For anyone
photos from Catholic Threads
Photo from Catholic Threads

Would you like some clothes that hint at your faith, but would still look okay outside of a youth conference? Luckily, some designers have received the message and are designing away. Both Catholic Threads and the FOCUS (Fellowship of Catholic University Students) store have fun clothes that share your faith without being a billboard. They include everything from T-Shirts with Joan of Arc quotes to “Cradle Catholic” baby onesies. C’est parfait.

For the kids
Story of a Rose
Story of a Rose

At some point in the last decade, crafty people realized they could make adorable plush buddies that look like saints. There are so many good choices; I don’t even know where to start. Denver’s own Raquelle Kato makes precious custom dolls at Story of a Rose. Jacob’s toy chest and Trendzilly have different sets of adorable stuffed saints (also, read the backstory at Jacob’s Toy Chest and prepare to cry). Waltzing Matilda Makes is great for older kids, as they get to actually stitch the outline of the saint in question. Shining Light dolls aren’t cuddly, but what they lack in snuggle-ability they make up for in precious whimsical painting.

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Waltzing Matilda Makes
Waltzing Matilda Makes

Maybe your (god)kids aren’t into dolls. That’s fine. Catholic Child makes Lego-compatible Last Supper set, as well as a sweet Mass magnet board. Also, we all know that dolls and action figures are distinct (at least according to that kid who was really into Batman in High School), so check out this St. Louis play figure. While you’re at it, read up on his history.

Catholic Child
Catholic Child
For your boo
Gail’s Designs

First of all, let’s look at tasteful Catholic jewelry. Gail’s Designs still takes first place (look at the Joan of Arc necklace!)  SaongJai has fun colorful rosaries and matching holy cards for kids and gorgeous vintage-inspired rosaries and jewelry for mom.  Art Angel is filled with vintage pendants that are classically beautiful.

Art Angel

Maybe you prefer decoration. In that case, Religious Antiquities is your self-explanatory shop, although parents of many will probably like the whimsical designs over at Honeychild Forest. We can all get behind the gorgeous wall art at Brick House in the City and Hatch Prints, and there’s bound to be an occasion for the decorative plates at Timree studio. Rakstar Designs has a modern collection of both jewelry and décor.

Honeychild Forest

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