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Call to Charity: The joy of giving

A mother with developmentally disabled children was flooded out of her mobile home in northern Colorado during the September floods.

Thousands of dollars were raised from a variety of sources to purchase a used mobile home that could be retrofitted with ramps and rails for her family’s needs. But it wasn’t enough money.

So, Catholic Charities recently granted her $10,000 for that purpose. And because you, dear reader, support Catholic Charities, you helped that family find a new home.

In an earlier Call to Charity column, I said I would report back on what your support has accomplished. To date, financial assistance, food and supplies totaling nearly $400,000 have been distributed in the flood zone.

The grant for a mobile home may be one of the most dramatic stories we’ve encountered among the hundreds of people we’ve helped in the disaster aftermath. But it’s just one story of many among the tens of thousands of people served by Catholic Charities through our ministries in shelter services, women’s services, and family and child care services.

The needs sometimes seem to exceed our capacity to meet them. Yet, our work each day is held to this standard: to the degree we see Christ in all of those we serve is the degree to which we succeed.

We are also called to be careful stewards of the funds entrusted to us. Your donations of time, talent and treasure mean the world to us, because—through Catholic Charities—you are sharing your gifts with others. As we enter the final week of Advent and begin to celebrate the birth of Our Lord, I pray that you may find the joy of giving: to your family, to your friends, to all those you meet and to the neediest among us, Christ in disguise.

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Larry Smith is the president and CEO of Catholic Charities of the Denver Archdiocese. Visit online at www.ccdenver.org or call 303-742-0828 to learn more, volunteer or make a donation.

Do you know about state tax credits?

Through state tax credits, you may be able to make a $1,000 donation to Catholic Charities for less than half that amount. See more at www.ccdenver.org/about-tax-credits.

Larry Smith
Larry Smith
Larry Smith is the former CEO and Executive Director of Catholic Charities of Denver.

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