Precedent-setting Masterpiece Cake Shop case to be heard by Supreme Court

Jack Phillips answered the phone at his bakery, Masterpiece Cake Shop in Lakewood. It wasn’t a social call. The caller said he was on his way to kill Phillips. “He […]

Q&A: Dr. Ryan T. Anderson to open new season of Archbishop’s Lecture Series

Having appeared on the likes of CNN, ABC, and MSNBC, Dr. Ryan T. Anderson is not afraid to address the tough questions regarding religious liberty and traditional marriage. An outspoken […]

Making the case for traditional marriage like a marathon, local attorney says

For the faith community, the Supreme Court’s ruling legalizing same-sex ‘marriage’ was a watershed moment. The damage to the country will continue to unfold, said Jenny Kraska, executive director of […]

No law can change truth of marriage, local bishops say about Supreme Court decision

The U.S. Supreme Court’s closely divided ruling, opening the door to same-sex ‘marriages’ across the United States, drew criticism from Colorado’s bishops who called the decision “gravely unjust” and erroneous […]