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Archdiocese of Denver names Dr. Scott Elmer as first-ever Chief Mission Officer

With the move to apostolic mission, the Archdiocese of Denver has hired its first Chief Mission Officer. Dr. Scott Elmer is stepping into the role after leading the Office of Evangelization and Family Life Ministries for the past six years. The Chief Mission Officer (CMO) serves on the Archbishop’s Mission Leadership Team and is responsible for overseeing and driving the move to apostolic mission throughout the Archdiocese of Denver.

“I am incredibly excited to be given this opportunity to assist Archbishop Aquila in this move to apostolic mission,” said Elmer, “A lot of work has already been put into creating clarity and seeking the Lord’s heart in this area and I’m looking forward to helping mobilize these initiatives and really start equipping the Church for the mission we believe Christ is calling us to.” 

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A large part of this work involves creating and protecting alignment around the mission between multiple entities within the archdiocese. “The key for me is relationships,” explained Elmer, “Having strong relationships with our pastors and other key leaders in the parishes, movements, and apostolates, will allow us to accomplish a lot for the sake of the Kingdom.”  

Dr. Elmer knows that he is not alone in the mission and that a lot of great work has already and is continuing to take place. “I feel very blessed to be in this archdiocese for a number of reasons but primarily the quality of leaders that are present here. I have been blessed to get to know a lot of our priests having worked in the archdiocese and at the parish for the last eight years and the quality of our presbyterate is unparalleled. When you add to that our Archbishop who is not afraid to speak what is on his heart, the presence of so many fruitful and zealous apostolates, some really thriving movements, and a committed and gifted laity, we have so many resources to draw and learn from.” 

Dr. Elmer will be playing an integral part in rolling out the upcoming Eucharistic Revival this Fall and helping to discern the implementation of the findings of the recent Archdiocesan synodal process. Both of these initiatives are expected to enrich the local Church and play a significant role in the move to apostolic mission. 

The promotion of Dr. Elmer to CMO also creates an opportunity for a new Executive Director of Evangelization and Family Life ministries in the archdiocese. Andrew McGown is being promoted to fill this role and take over the leadership of this office. McGown previously served as the Director of Evangelization under Elmer assisting and accompanying parishes in implementing initiatives to proclaim the Gospel. 

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“I am elated to have Andrew take over the office and have full confidence in his leadership and vision. He is a man of deep prayer with a heart to see the promises of Jesus become realities in peoples’ lives,” said Elmer.  


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