A time to pray

Horrific videos revealing Planned Parenthood’s dealings with aborted baby parts moved Colorado’s bishops to call for a day of prayer. “We call on all people of good will in Colorado […]

No law can change truth of marriage, local bishops say about Supreme Court decision

The U.S. Supreme Court’s closely divided ruling, opening the door to same-sex ‘marriages’ across the United States, drew criticism from Colorado’s bishops who called the decision “gravely unjust” and erroneous […]

Self-sacrifice key to creation woes, theologian says

The world is abuzz over Pope Francis’ papal letter on ecology that drew strong reactions from theologians and politicians. The pope’s second encyclical, titled Laudato Si (Praised be): On the […]

Immigration reform needs legislative involvement, archbishop says

While the United States is in urgent need of immigration reform, changes should be made through the legislative process, Archbishop Samuel Aquila noted in the wake of President Barack Obama’s […]

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Catholics for Choice ads riddled with inaccuracies, bishops say

Colorado’s Catholic bishops responded to a statewide media campaign launched by Catholics for Choice against a personhood initiative, Amendment 67, saying it is “riddled with inaccurate facts and statistics.” “This […]

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Appreciating the man in the collar

Priests and seminarians across the state will gather for Catholic Radio Network’s annual Priest and Seminarian Appreciation Day June 2 in Colorado Springs for a day of golf, Bocce ball […]

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‘Irreplaceable’: Must-see documentary on family to screen in theaters May 6

COLORADO SPRINGS. Next September, Pope Francis is going to make his first visit to the United States as pontiff, and the primary occasion of his visit is to attend the […]

Vocations top priority for Pueblo’s Bishop Berg

By Veronica Ambuul and Anna Marie Basquez, Colorado Catholic Herald PUEBLO, Colo.—Bishop Stephen Jay Berg, former administrator of the Diocese of Fort Worth, Texas, was ordained the fifth bishop of […]