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Are you ready for more DCR?

You’re not losing a daughter; you’re gaining a son.

This is the typical expression used to comfort the worried mother-of-the-bride who is distraught with the prospect that her daughter’s wedding will forever change the unique relationship she had exclusively enjoyed with her little girl.

It’s also the expression that seemed to keep coming up as the staff of both the Denver Catholic Register and El Pueblo Católico discussed the upcoming launch of our new websites.

For 113 years, the Archdiocese of Denver has developed a unique relationship with the faithful of northern Colorado by providing quality, timely and authoritative coverage of the Catholic Church, and for the last 15 years, we have built that same relationship with the Spanish-speaking community through El Pueblo Católico.

Thankfully, both of our newspapers have enjoyed tremendous support from the Catholic community of northern Colorado, both spiritually and financially. For that we are incredibly grateful, and eternally indebted.

As we began to develop a vision for expanding our online presence so as to appeal to a more tech-savvy audience, we were constantly confronted with the question: What about our current audience? How will these new websites affect our relationship with our print readers? Will we lose them?

That’s when we realized that expanding our web presence could only mean one thing—we’ll have more opportunities to reach more people with more news through a variety of media platforms. In other words, we won’t be losing readers; we’ll be gaining entirely new audiences!

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And for you, our faithful readers, you’ll have more options to access the news stories you love from the Catholic newspaper that the faithful of northern Colorado have trusted for generations.

Here are just a few of the new features offered by the websites:

Timeliness: We no longer have to wait to publish all of our news just once a week, or once a month in the case of El Pueblo Católico. We will post news of events around the archdiocese as they happen.

Ease of navigation: Who has time to go hunting for content these days? The navigation menu on our new site is simple and intuitive, and the main page allows for fast and easy perusal of all our different news categories.

Visual appeal: Both the Denver Catholic Register and El Pueblo Católico now sport a clean, modern look online that emphasizes photography and allows us to share more images.

Designed with mobility in mind: The new websites are both 100 percent responsive, meaning they are optimized for viewing on a variety of screen sizes (laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc.).

Improved communication: Our calendar and contact pages allow users to make sure questions and submissions find their way into the right inbox on the first try.

BONUS: Social media integration. Easily share your favorite stories and columns with your friends on Facebook and Twitter or via e-mail.

But don’t take my word for it, go check it out for yourself (www.DenverCatholicRegister.org and www.ElPuebloCatolico.org), and let us know what you think!



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