How to respond to the Capitol violence and confusion

In these tumultuous days, everyone is asking the question: ‘What is the truth?’ Based on how they answer that question, and given the relativism of the day, we are dividing ourselves into camps. This division was […]

Spreading God’s love, one blanket at a time

Growing up in the streets of Brooklyn, Patrick Lubrano knew what it was like to see people living on the streets and being cold in the winter months. You could […]

Help Catholic schools get federal relief funding

Catholic schools in Colorado have a chance to receive some much-needed federal relief funding, but they need your help. Congress recently passed a massive stimulus bill that includes $2.75 billion […]


Fr. Maciej Zięba, O.P. (1954-2020)

A wretched year came to a sorrowful end when Father Maciej Zięba, OP, died in his native Wrocław, Poland, on December 31. The birthplace of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Wrocław was also the home of St. Teresa Benedicta […]

Is civil discourse dead? Boulder Aquinas Center to host Robert George and Cornel West for virtual speaker series

Is civil discourse dead? Two modern-day intellectual giants will address this pressing question next week in a virtual talk hosted by the Aquinas Institute for Catholic Thought (AICT) in Boulder. […]


Overcoming the hatred and fear of the ‘other side’

Well, I was all set to write a nice little First Column of 2021, about looking ahead and new beginnings and loving each other.  And then January 6 happened.  I […]

Archbishop Aquila receives COVID-19 vaccine; urges faithful to prayerfully discern being vaccinated

Archbishop Samuel J. Aquila recently received the first of two doses of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine at St. Anthony’s Hospital in Lakewood. Due to his age and health risks, his […]


Prayer: The Best New Year’s Resolution

In our lifetime, there has never been so much expectation for a new year, hoping that we can all turn a corner and leave a difficult year in the past. So much is […]

Little Flower Maternity Home a place of hope for moms and babies in need

After a long journey of searching, learning, praying, working and volunteering in pregnancy centers led to an encounter with God, Sara Moran knew that the Lord had chosen her for a special mission in pro-life ministry.  Since 2003, Moran has spent […]


Catholic coherence, Catholic integrity

In 2007, the bishops of Latin America and the Caribbean completed their fifth general conference with a final report, known from the Brazilian city where they met as the “Aparecida […]

Coming to Know the Real Carlo Acutis

By Father Roger Landry On Saturday, Oct. 10 in Assisi, Carlo Acutis was beatified. On Oct. 12, the Church celebrated his feast for the first time, on the 14th anniversary […]

Celebrate a delicious Epiphany with this Vatican Christmas Cookbook recipe

Though it doesn’t feel like it, we’re still in the Christmas season; after all, Catholics ought to know the 12 Days of Christmas and the journey of the Magi better […]