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Colorado State Capitol to hold Pregnancy Resource Center Day March 21

Pregnancy Resource Centers will pack the House and Senate galleries on Tuesday to showcase the good and life-affirming work being done in the local community, and the public is invited to come and learn more.

March 21 is Pregnancy Resource Center (PRC) Day at the Colorado State Capitol. The “Safe Access to Protected Health Care” (or “RHEA 2.0”) package of three abortion bills will be heard on the Senate floor on Monday. One of the bills, SB23-190, would censor and restrict the work of PRCs and make it illegal for women to choose to take Abortion Pill Reversal medication.

If SB 190 is passed, a woman’s choice to sustain her pregnancy through the treatment of progesterone, which is a naturally occurring hormone to sustain a pregnancy both after taking the abortion pill or while she is naturally miscarrying, will be eliminated. Additionally, the ability of a Pregnancy Resource Center to advertise alternative choices for women in unexpected pregnancies will be restricted.

“Pregnancy Resource Centers are non-profit organizations that provide confidential, life-affirming support to women facing unexpected pregnancies at no cost to the client,” said Brittany Vessely, executive director of the Colorado Catholic Conference. “These services include pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, life skills and parenting classes and mentoring, among other valued resources. Despite their noble mission, these centers are often met with criticism from those who misunderstand their purpose — and that is reflected in SB23-190, which would censor and restrict the great work of pregnancy resource centers for our communities, including eliminating the ability of women to sustain their pregnancies if they take abortion inducing drugs or are experiencing a natural miscarriage.”

The goal of PRC Day is to dispel common misinformation and myths about pregnancy resource centers and educate Colorado lawmakers and the public about the good work they actually do. Pregnancy Resource Center Staff & Volunteers will be on-site to answer questions and shed light on their comprehensive services that are offered to women.

Pregnancy Resource Center Day at the Capitol

Tuesday, March 21, 2023
8:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
200 E. Colfax Ave., Denver


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