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Catholic Men’s Leadership Summit promises to uplift men to live heroic lives in turbulent times

History has repeatedly shown that tempestuous times give rise to heroic lives. But have you ever stopped to wonder about all those who chose differently — those who ignored or postponed God’s call only to see their home demolished by the pounding waves? Our time in history undoubtedly involves a storm of this magnitude, and the choice to answer God’s call is ever before us. Fortunately, we are not alone. People who have answered the call invite each one of us to do the same — to arise and embrace God’s spectacular plan of salvation in our lives.

This is precisely the mission of the Catholic Men’s Leadership Summit, set to take place on March 4 in Broomfield, Colorado: to ignite men to become who God is calling them to be, and help others do the same. With the theme “Building Intentional Disciples,” the conference will feature well-known experts on the subject, such as Curtis Martin, Father Robert Spitzer, and Father Nathan Cromly.

“We’re going through a period of time in history where many Catholics are drifting or even running away from the Catholic faith, and it’s time to articulate with clarity the importance of being a disciple of Christ at this point of time in history,” said Curtis Martin, founder of the Fellowship of Catholic University Students. “It’s a great time to be alive. And men in particular are called to heroism but are distracted by television, video games, alcohol and so many other things, and they’re not listening to the call.”

The summit will bring together men of different ages to inspire and equip them, so that they can make the difference they’re meant to make in their own families, relationships and society, reminding them that they are not alone in this daily battle. Every parish is especially invited to send a group of men to the summit so that all men in the archdiocese have the opportunity to answer boldly.

“Men need other men. Proverbs 27:17 says, ‘Iron sharpens iron, so one man strengthens another.’ And Hebrews 10:24-25 says, ‘don’t neglect to meet together’ because ‘we’re meant to lift one another’ in our faith,” added Dan Donaldson, vice president of Catholic Men’s Leadership Alliance. “This conference is about being inspired, getting greater formation and going from there… We’ve all blown it. We’ve all made mistakes. But we have a great and merciful God that has loved us so much that he’s given us a way, and the way is through Jesus Christ. That’s what we’re going to gather and to talk about and do it together.”

Regardless of the circumstances or sins that may be preventing a man from truly answering God’s call to greatness, this invitation stands as a message of hope in God’s mercy and power to transform our lives.

“What will it take to make this year of your life different from last year if you don’t do anything to change something about your faith? Odds are it’s going to be exactly the same. Take a chance. Do something bold. If we stay at home and don’t try, who will make the difference that we were supposed to make?” asked Father Nathan Cromly, president and founder of the St. John Institute and speaker at the conference. “You coming to this conference isn’t about you coming to this conference. It’s about the hundreds of men whose lives will be changed after the impact you’re going to bring.

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“This conference will help men to enter into a whole new level of understanding about their faith and themselves.”

“Come. If you’re doubting whether you should or shouldn’t, ask the Lord to help you decide and bring somebody with you. We need each other,” Donaldson added.

The goal of the summit is also to extend its mission to the parish and family lives by guiding all men who desire to remain in fellowship as they continue to meet in small groups at the parish level.

“There has never been a greater need,” concluded Martin. “And so part of my message to men is this — that, if you’re a fireman and the alarm is going off, do you want to sit home and play video games or watch television, or do you want to get up and become a hero?”

The alarm is going off. Will you sign up for the Catholic Men’s Leadership Summit today?

To sign up for the conference, click here.

Vladimir Mauricio-Perez
Vladimir Mauricio-Perez
Vladimir is the editor of El Pueblo Católico and a contributing writer for Denver Catholic.

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