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Call to Charity: Can you Spare $50 to Help Disaster Survivors?

When we think of the homeless, it’s often those on the street and in shelters, people that Catholic Charities seeks to help every day in service to Christ.

There’s another group of homeless, those forced out of their homes through disaster, as we all witnessed in September after the flooding in northern Colorado.

“They are living in warehouses, churches or hotels or are crammed into the spare rooms of friends and relatives because there are so few rentals available,” The Denver Post reported of more than 300 immigrants, primarily the undocumented.

In Milliken, as Catholic Charities participated in a Coats for Colorado distribution, I heard that a house was taken off the market temporarily in order to allow people to sleep there. If so, that’s a remarkable act of charity.

Here’s how we can respond. If 1,000 people will donate $50 apiece, that will provide $50,000 toward our outreach in the flood zone, including housing needs and other necessities such as food and clothing assistance. That should help dozens of people get through the coming weeks.

We are working with other organizations on longer-term housing solutions. If you have been abundantly blessed by God, please consider a greater gift to Catholic Charities to help flood disaster survivors rebuild their lives going forward. I’ll report back in a future “Call to Charity” column on what your support has accomplished.

Larry Smith
Larry Smith
Larry Smith is the former CEO and Executive Director of Catholic Charities of Denver.

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