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Beat the winter blues with one of these upcoming SJV Lay Division courses

Does the impending cold have you feeling like you need a spiritual pick-me-up? Then look no further; the SJV Lay Division has you covered.

Starting at the end of November and going all the way to February, the SJV Lay Division is offering three different supplemental courses to satiate the appetite of those faithful looking to make this winter more spiritually enriching. The best part is that two of the courses are online-only and can be enjoyed from the comfort of your own couch.

The first is an online lecture series, “Advent with the Director.” SJV Lay Division director Daniel Campbell will host a series of lectures to help make this Advent more meaningful. The three lectures will take place on Nov. 29, Dec. and Dec. 13.

Secondly, the St. Joseph Workshop that was originally scheduled for October but had to be postponed due to unforeseen circumstances has been rescheduled to Dec. 4! As the Year of St. Joseph comes to a close just a few days after, this workshop will mark the perfect endcap to this special year and serve as a means to take devotion to St. Joseph into the New Year and beyond. Learn more here.

Last but not least, starting on Jan. 10, the SJV Lay Division is offering a short course on one of the greatest spiritual works ever written, St. Augustine’s Confessions. Join Dr. Seth Fabian and journey through Confessions over the course of six weeks and learn how St. Augustine’s remarkable story is significant to our own lived experience.

For more information about each of these courses and to register, visit sjvlaydivision.org/registration.


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