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5 patron saints for students

The traditional patronage of many saints could be extended to cover modern-day issues that students face. Here are five that we propose.

1. Patron saint of simplicity – St. Francis of Assisi
With members of the millennial generation favoring minimalism and simplicity, over luxury and status, who better to emulate than St. Francis? The Italian friar and preacher’s life serves as a model of voluntary simplicity, clarity and love for those looking for (or defaulting to) a more frugal or sustainable way of life

2. Patron saint of the Internet – St. Isidore of Seville
Not only is St. Isidore considered the patron saint of the Internet, this Spanish bishop was known for his prolific writing, including a dictionary, encyclopedia and historical writings. He can serve as a helpful intercessor when looking for credible sources of information on the Internet for assignments, work projects and other research

3. Patron saint of photographers – St. Veronica
St. Veronica, who received an image of Jesus when she used her veil to wipe his face, is the patron saint of photographers. In today’s world of selfies, Vine, Instagram, Facebook and other media sharing tools, look to her for an appreciation of considering truth, beauty and modesty when it comes to sharing—as well as viewing—photos and videos online.

4.Patron saint of coffee shops – St. Drogo
For those times when a caffeine-fueled all-nighter is warranted to prepare for a test, finish a project or otherwise meet an unforgiving deadline, consider asking for help from St. Drogo, known as a patron saint of coffee house employees. The Flemish nobleman was also reportedly able to bi-locate, which most of us feel could come in handy at times.

5. Patron saint of workers – St. Joseph
Whether looking for a summer job while on break, work during college to help make ends meet, or seeking a profession once entering the real world, consider asking St. Joseph, the patron saint of workers, for guidance during the discernment, job search and interview process.


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