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Yearly Archives: 2023

Centro San Juan Diego’s citizenship program honors new citizens at inaugural celebration

On Saturday, Dec. 2, Centro San Juan Diego held its inaugural citizenship celebration for new U.S. citizens who made the marked achievement of completing...

At Northglenn parish youth group, a high schooler seeks his vocation

A 70's-patterned carpet, a game of ultimate spoons, and a St. Nicholas-themed side quest don’t usually point to a vocation to the monastery. But...

The Catholic Way: Lessons from an Imperial Family

Catholics have long held that all genuine authority derives from God. Any public official, whether elected or hereditary, carries a duty to act for...

The Avi Project Founded to ‘Walk Alongside’ Pregnant College Students in Colorado

Women with unplanned pregnancies don’t just need physical resources: they also need companionship, according to the founder of the Avi Project, Nicole Cavey.   Nearly two...

Praying for our country with John Carroll

John Carroll (1735-1815) was the first Catholic bishop, not just in, but of the United States, for during the first 18 years of his...
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