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Monthly Archives: March, 2005

An open letter to Howard Dean

Dear Dr. Dean: Congratulations on your election as chairman of the Democratic National Committee — for many years, the “natural” political home of Catholic Americans....

Liberating obedience

In the second act of Camelot, King Arthur’s bastard son Mordred, a poisonous weed in the garden of the Round Table, mocks “the seven...

The new Catholicism in the New South

Many Americans still think of their Catholic fellow-citizens as white urban ethnics making a hardscrabble living, raising large families, and cutting themselves into the...

Covering a sick pope

Shortly after Pope John Paul II came home from his first February hospitalization, my NBC colleague, Keith Miller, sent me an e-mail. A foreign...

Visiting the Seminaries

When the U.S. cardinals came to Rome to discuss the Long Lent of 2002 in April of that year, they recommended that a visitation...
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