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Year of St. Joseph wraps up 2021 Archbishop’s Catholic Appeal

As this calendar year draws to a close, Catholics should also take stock in the close of the “Year of St. Joseph.” This special year, marking the 150th anniversary of St. Joseph being declared the patron saint of the Universal Church, ends on the feast of the Immaculate Conception, Dec. 8.

It seems especially appropriate that this year of contemplation of St. Joseph begins and ends on this feast dedicated to Mary, his beloved spouse and mother of Jesus.

Joseph never said a word in the bible, but his obedient courage to God the Father protected the Savior and his mother from harm.

“The secret to learning from St. Joseph is to look at his actions, not his words,” said Archbishop Samuel J. Aquila.

The Archbishop’s Catholic Appeal was dedicated to the quiet courage of St. Joseph and asked Catholics in the Archdiocese of Denver to put their own courage into action and bring Christ to others in northern Colorado with a gift to the appeal.

The appeal feeds those who are hungry for both food and spiritual nourishment. The fund also shelters those in need of a safe place to sleep like the Holy Family sought protection. A donation funds more than 40 ministries that help secure the faith for the future and keep Christ’s message alive with action.

This year’s appeal is also drawing to a close and Catholics are invited to express their faith with action by donating to the largest annual fundraiser, archden.org/givenow, that results in touching the most lives in the Archdiocese of Denver.

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The Archbishop’s Catholic Appeal served a record number of neighbors in 2020 by:

Educating: more than 8,000 students in person at 36 Catholic Schools.

Providing Hope: with more than 104,000 nights at shelters and more than 430,000 meals.

Forming Future Priests: at our two archdiocesan seminaries.

Growing Faith: at 149 parishes and religious education classes.


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