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Work & Worship: Annunciation Heights to Host Volunteer Days this Fall

We frequently get asked for opportunities to volunteer around the Archdiocese. While Catholic Charities is always a great option, Annunciation Heights’ upcoming volunteer days are another perfect chance to give back while surrounded by God’s natural beauty.

Join Annunciation Heights staff and supporters on Saturday, September 16, for much-needed maintenance and preparations for the Fall camp season. “With a growing mission and an aging camp, there is always so much to do,” said Luke Hlavin, Director of Operations at Annunciation Heights. “Our maintenance and grounds staff have an endless list of projects and maintenance that needs to be accomplished, and it is only with the help of dedicated volunteers that we can stay on top of it all!”

Can’t make it on the 16th? Have no fear! Work & Worship Weekend at Annunciation Heights falls on the following weekend, September 22-24. More than a one-day event, this full weekend of service, community, and prayer aims to accomplish big projects such as painting and staining, fire mitigation, deep cleaning, landscaping, and other miscellaneous tasks. “Besides having a weekend of fun and service in the Rocky Mountains,” said Hlavin, “you will also get to share in fellowship with others who share this mission!” Campfires, prayer, and formation will be offered, with free food and lodging throughout the weekend.

With a just-released report about the vital importance of the family when it comes to passing on the faith to the next generation, that’s just one more reason to serve this family ministry with your entire family, all while enjoying the Rocky Mountain beauty that Colorado offers.

Fill out this volunteer application to register for the Sep 16 volunteer day.

Fill out this form to register for the Work & Worship Weekend, Sep 22-24.

Mark your calendars for future volunteer days at Annunciation Heights, too! The Volunteer Saturdays for the rest of the year fall on October 21, November 11, and December 16.


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