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Women invited to develop faith ‘for the long haul’ at LUX Conference

Lisa Cotter and Leah Darrow have high hopes for young women who have a strong faith foundation but are seeking to go deeper.

They created a conference designed specifically for them.

“So often, conferences are geared toward that baby faith where you’re just getting going,” said Cotter. “We really want to reach young adults in the unique place of their life and help them to really become owners of their faith.”

Cotter and Darrow, nationally known Catholic speakers and authors, created the Lux Conference, an event for women ages 18-40 who have a solid faith foundation and want to develop it further.

The conference will take place April 7 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Light of the World Catholic Church in Littleton.

Following the theme of lux, Latin for “light,” the conference will include talks by Cotter and Darrow centered on mature faith, true conversion and how women can use their gifts and talents to enhance the Church.

Lisa Cotter (left) and Leah Darrow (right) co-founded the LUX Conference to help women grow stronger in their faith. (Photo provided)

Lux is unique because it is designed specifically for the audience’s needs, said Darrow.

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“Our research shows that the young adult Catholic professional woman is busy, wants straight to the point answers and desires to grow in her faith in practical ways,” she said.

“We wanted the Lux Conference to reflect the level of maturity of our attendees,” she added, “and so the conference schedule jumps right into the content along with appropriate time for adoration and confession.”

Lux will also include worship music provided by Sarah Kroger, a Christian singer/songwriter, and time for prayer and socializing. Lunch will be provided.

This is the first Lux Conference, but Cotter and Darrow have already drawn in attendees from across the country. They hope to have more conferences like this in the future and at different locations.

“Our culture needs women who are courageous in living their faith and will speak out and up to defend themselves and others,” said Darrow. “With that said, even those who are solid in their faith still need encouragement and more tools in their faith toolbox to help navigate how to practice our Catholic faith in the secular world.”

Cotter’s hope is that those in attendance “learn how to have a spirituality that’s for the long haul, not just this sporadic emotional high.”

She believes Lux can relieve attendees from a few thoughts common among young adults.

“[Many think], ‘I don’t know what I’m doing with my life, I don’t know what God’s calling me to, I don’t know how to live as an authentic Catholic woman in this world today,’” said Cotter.

“They just get overwhelmed. That can lead to despairing,” she added.

The organizers are hopeful Lux will help women overcome those feelings and discover a pathway to deeper faith.

“I want young Catholic women to walk away from the conference knowing the Church supports and believes in them,” said Darrow, “and, in return, for them to love the church even more.”

LUX Women’s Conference
Saturday, April 7
9 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Light of the World Catholic Church
10316 West Bowles Ave. Littleton, CO

To register, visit luxconference.com. Tickets are limited.


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