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What’s on Netflix: October

After sharing some films available on Netflix available last month, here are films and shows coming to Netflix in October, as well as a few things you might want to check out before they leave.

Be sure to check IMDB’s “Parents Guide” for the film if you need to screen its content; family-friendly films are marked as such.


Recently added or coming soon:
Dead Poet’s Society, PG – An English teacher inspires his students with his unorthodox methods to break out of their shells and pursue their dreams.

Fracture, R – A lawyer is about to move to a new job when his boss hands him a seemingly simple case, but his adversary in court turns out to be extremely cunning.

The Secret Garden, G (Family-friendly) – An orphaned girl is sent to live on her uncle’s estate and discovers new friends and a secret garden.

Stranger Things, Season 2 – If you missed the first season, now’s the time to catch up on this original Netflix TV series. The show is a sci-fi nod to 80’s films, Stephen Spielberg and a little bit of Stephen King.

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Miss Congeniality, PG-13 – An FBI agent goes undercover at the Miss United States pageant to prevent a group from bombing the event. The sequel will also be available.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, PG (Family-friendly) – Remake of the beloved tale starring Johnny Depp and Freddie Highmore and directed by Tim Burton.

Penelope, PG (Family-friendly) – Born with the snout of a pig, Penelope spends her days as a recluse, and her unfortunate curse can only be lifted by marrying one of her own kind. A man is hired to pose as a suitor, but then begins to fall in love with her.

Meet the Robinsons, G (Family-friendly) – A brilliant inventor meets a stranger named Wilbur Robinson, and together in a time machine, they track down their nemesis.


Leaving (some already removed on Oct. 1): 
The Bible miniseries – A miniseries based on the Bible, which received three Emmy nominations.

Carousel (Family-friendly) A 1956 film adaptation of the Rogers and Hammerstein stage musical.

Happy Feet, PG (Family-friendly) – A young emperor penguin needs to sing to attract a mate, but he has a terrible voice; instead, he learns he can dance.

The Shining, R – Stanley Kubrick’s classic horror film (for mature audiences) about a man who brings his family to an isolated hotel to hopefully cure his writer’s block; instead, he descends into madness.

Titanic, PG-13 – A classic film about the star-crossed love between a young aristocrat and a poor artist on board the doomed ship.


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