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‘We are their family’ — Fund helps retired priests

Just three years ago, when a priest retired, he had few choices of where to live and sometimes he was unsure how he would pay for typical expenses that come with aging.

Then the Archdiocese of Denver opened Prophet Elijah House in 2019 and priests were offered an affordable retirement option with a supportive environment.

“Without Prophet Elijah House, where would we be?”  Retired Father Bill Breslin contemplated. “Some priests don’t have any family or former parishes with the ability to care for us.”

Prophet Elijah House and the Fund for Retired and Infirm Priests take care of the faithful men who typically give 45 years or more to the Catholic Church. The Archdiocese of Denver has 50 retired priests, and the number is growing every year. Their pensions and savings are often not enough to cover the sharp increase of housing costs and medical care.

Money raised for the Retired Priests Fund supports rent subsidies and Prophet Elijah House; medical fees not covered by insurance; assisted living and memory care; transportation and car repairs; hearing aids and more.  

The members of the Catholic Church are the family for these retired priests and it’s an obligation to support them as they age, said Archbishop Samuel J. Aquila.

“Whether celebrating Masses, baptizing family members, or offering spiritual guidance, our priests have given so much to enrich our faith lives. Now it’s our turn,” Archbishop Aquila said.

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Prophet Elijah House has 12 apartments and provides independent living, communal mid-day meals, weekly housekeeping and linen service, an exercise room and on-site chapel for daily Mass.

“I’m in a peaceful environment and I’m not alone,” Breslin said. “We have a sense of camaraderie. It’s a wonderful way to retire.”

Please consider showing these retired priests you care with a gift to Prophet Elijah House and the Retired Priest Fund at archden.org/retiredpriests.

Amy Bryer Brumley
Amy Bryer Brumley
Amy is the Mission Advancement Communications Manager for the Archdiocese of Denver.

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