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WATCH: Prop 115 a reminder that people are worth being walked with

Eucharistic Adoration with Archbishop Samuel J. Aquila took place in the courtyard at Marisol Health on Sunday, September 27. Marisol Health serves women who are struggling in their pregnancies with medical care, counseling, and material items such as diapers, clothing, etc. Bella Health + Wellness provides the medical care for Marisol women with their team of healthcare professionals.

Archbishop Aquila and participants prayed for the passage of 2020 Ballot Proposition 115 banning late-term abortion in Colorado.

October 5 is Colorado’s first state Cabrini Day! Colorado bishops ask St. Francis Cabrini’s (Mother Cabrini) intercession in the passage of Ballot Prop 115 to end abortion after 22-weeks gestation.

Colorado is one of 7 states that allow abortion up to the moment of birth for any reason. Babies at 22-weeks can live outside the womb independent from their mother! Every year in Colorado, approx. 300+ babies are torn apart in the womb by dilation and evacuation abortions after 22-weeks gestation. Babies at that age can feel the excruciating pain of abortion that ends their life. They can also feel warmth and hear their mother and father’s voice at that age.

Christ, have mercy. St. Cabrini, pray for us!

For more information: https://www.cocatholicconference.org/


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