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What to watch on Netflix: February

Here are a few films and shows to watch coming to Netflix in February.

Be sure to check IMDB’s “Parents Guide” for the film if you need to screen its content; family-friendly films are marked as such.

Ocean’s Eleven trilogy, PG-13 – A ragtag group of burglars try to pull off elaborate heists in all three films of the Ocean’s Eleven trilogy.

The Hurt Locker, R – A bomb-disposal unit in Baghdad enters the final weeks of their tour of duty and faces a set of increasingly hazardous situations.

Ella Enchanted, PG (Family-friendly) – Ella receives a visit from her fairy godmother as a child and is bestowed with the magical talent that requires her to obey anything that she is told to do.

Men In Black, PG-13 – Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith team up to save the world from intergalactic foes in this action-packed and hilarious film.

Evan Almighty, PG (Family-friendly) – Evan Baxter, a newly elected congressman, faces a crisis of biblical proportions when he is asked by God to build an ark in preparation for a flood.

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Lincoln, PG-13 – Daniel Day-Lewis gives an incredible performance as Abraham Lincoln in this excellent biopic directed by Steven Spielberg.

Winnie, NR – In this documentary, the life of Winne Mandela, wife of the South African political leader Nelson Mandela, is explored.

Aaron Lambert
Aaron Lambert
Aaron is the former Managing Editor for the Denver Catholic.

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