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WATCH: Catholic recovery program Full Circle helps addicts find help and healing

In our broken world, one of the most prominent ways that sin wreaks tragedy and destruction is through addiction. Addiction is something that affects virtually every family in one way or another, either directly or indirectly, and it comes in many different forms.

The thing about addiction is that it’s often very complicated. Anyone who has ever had to support a family member or loved one through an addiction understands what it is to feel helpless and afraid to offer assistance to someone who so desperately needs it. Oftentimes, addicts hit rock bottom before they’ll accept help of any kind, and even then, it’s sometimes too late.

But hope and help do exist. The many stigmas that have surrounded addiction are thankfully becoming fewer, and there are many programs and ministries that walk alongside those who are struggling with addiction and provide a crucial support net to help them overcome this most difficult of vices. Most are likely familiar with Alcoholics Anonymous and other similar 12-step programs, however, there are several lesser-known faith-based programs that have proven just as valuable.

One is Full Circle, which was founded by Father John Bonavitacola in Tempe, Ariz., and has expanded to include chapters in Kansas, Georgia and Colorado. In addition to operating a staff facilitated support group for young people and their parents, they also build in time for fun and fellowship among those who are in the program.

We sat down with Father Bonavitacola during a recent visit to Denver to talk about Full Circle and their unique approach to helping those who struggle with addiction. Watch the videos below to learn more, and visit fullcircle.com for more information.

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