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To Krakow on foot: The return of the pilgrim

Ann Sieben, our winter pilgrim, is at it again!

Sieben is walking the 1,100 miles from the Vatican to the Shrine of Divine Mercy, the resting place of St. Faustina, in Poland.

She stopped by to say hi to the Denver Catholic office on her way to get a new pilgrim passport (her old one is full). Photo by Andrew Wright/Denver Catholic.

But this time, she’s not going alone.

Sieben is bringing with her four men who are discerning religious life. She will teach them the art of mendicant pilgrimage as they walk through Italy, Austria, the Czech Republic and Poland.

Meet the guys:

  • Ricardo, 35, Philadelphia, PA
  • Rafael, 23, Lima, Peru
  • Nick, 22, Madison, WI
  • Andrew, 25, Philadelphia, PA

Their journey will be filled with new experiences. They will stay at monasteries scattered across Europe, and thus experience a variety of spiritual experiences. God willing, their arrival in Poland will coincide with the beginning of World Youth Day and the arrival of Pope Francis.

Sieben’s aptly titled general idea of the pilgrimage route. The group plans on walking about 16 miles a day. Photo provided.

Those discerning will not have phones or money. Sieben, however, has agreed to send Denver Catholic weekly updates on the group’s progress and experience.

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First step: They’re going to receive a special pilgrimage blessing in Rome! Stay tuned for updates, and be sure to subscribe to our newsletter.


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