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The Archdiocese of Denver is getting a new look!

It’s no secret that as Catholics we have a distinct responsibility to participate in the Great Commission — to go and make disciples of all nations (Mt 28:16-20). As part of our renewed focus on this calling, the archdiocese has been reviewing everything we do and assessing whether it supports that mission. Clearly, our logo and branding needs to be part of this missional identity, which is why it is high time for a refresh. Here’s a sneak peek at what’s coming in the months ahead. We hope you like it!

The Archway

The archway represents an open door to those that need to be healed and brought into relationship with Jesus Christ. As a door it works both ways, and is also a call to those inside the Church to go out.

The Crucifix

Calling to mind Christ’s suffering but ultimate triumph over death, his victory should fill us with joy and motivate our efforts in this life. The crucifix of St. John Paul II’s crosier is used as a reminder of his visit over 25 years ago that lit a spark here in Colorado.

The Monstrance

The rising sun is a Monstrance that calls to mind the source and summit of our faith. Affirming that God is the Architect, we place him at the top, front and center of the icon, shining light on our mission in northern Colorado.

The Mountains

The Rocky Mountains represent the rural and mountain communities we serve outside the metro areas. They are also one of the most iconic features of our state, recognized around the world.

The Font

The modern and bold font serves as a clear, eye-catching reminder that as Catholics we are to be bold as we share the Good News. We are called to live bold, counter-cultural, and authentic lives centered in Christ.

The City Skyline

The Denver city skyline is reimagined with the Cathedral more prominently displayed at the heart of the city. It stands as an iconic beacon of hope and sanctuary for all in need.


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