What does the Church say about feminism?

Ever since the Women’s March in D.C. on Jan. 21, the topic of feminism is abuzz in both the mainstream media as well as the Church. But for the Church, […]

Endow Denver launches Hispanic division

The small signs of chivalry towards woman—opening the car door, giving up the seat on the bus—is part of a “silent recognition” of that greatness. This was said by auxiliary […]

Local scholars contribute to “Didache Bible”

  Two local professors contributed to the recently released Didache Bible, available through Ignatius Press. The Didache Bible is a complete Bible (RSV-CE, Ignatius edition). It includes commentary based on the Catechism of the […]

You believe what?

Suddenly, Terry Polakovic found herself at a crossroads. Should she speak up to defend her beliefs before a group swapping contrary ideas, or silently disagree and let it slide? The […]

Conference to address challenges ’99 percent’ of parishes experience

The annual Amazing Parish Conference to be held in Denver this spring aims to address struggles that nearly all parishes have, and offer tools, ideas and programs to address them—allowing […]

Professor-nun who served in Denver named to papal commission

Among new members of the International Theological Commission appointed by Pope Francis this year is Religious Sister of Mercy Prudence Allen. Sister Allen served as a professor at St. John […]

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Teri Tolpa, 29, felt restless. Since graduating from college, she’d had jobs she enjoyed in pro-life ministries but she longed to get out from behind a desk to evangelize. Feeling […]

Q&A: What message did she receive from Pope Benedict?

The speaker at this year’s Endow (Education on the Nature and Dignity of Women) gala Feb. 8 in Denver will be Kathryn Jean Lopez. Lopez serves as editor-at-large of the […]

Gala to honor dignity of women

The ninth annual Endow gala to celebrate and support the Catholic study program, Educating on the Nature and Dignity of Women, is set for Feb. 8 at the Hyatt Regency […]

Respected professor-nun accepts new post to England

Longtime seminary professor Sister Mary Prudence Allen was bid farewell by friends and colleagues after 15 years of dedication to St. John Vianney Theological Seminary and Endow in Denver. Before […]