Amidst passage of physician-assisted suicide law, hope remains

After a long and hard fought battle on the part of the Colorado Catholic Conference and the No on Prop 106 campaign, Colorado voters overwhelmingly voted for the passage of […]

‘Don’t kill the sufferer to end the suffering’

Some call it a dangerous affront to life and others “death with dignity,” but the debate over state legislation proposing physician-assisted suicide is drawing the voices of Coloradans from all […]

Can Colorado givers make it a three-peat?

Local Catholic ministries and organizations hope for a three-peat of generous donations next week through the online philanthropy campaign Colorado Gives Day. For some of these ministries, this is at […]

Poisonous ‘right to die’ movement targets Colorado

Aiding the terminally ill in hastening their death, long condemned as immoral and an affront to the dignity of life, is slowly gaining traction. After Oregon passed assisted suicide laws […]

Reaching out to Brittany

On New Year’s Day, Brittany Maynard, a 29-year-old woman in San Francisco, learned she had brain cancer. The newlywed, hoping for a family, immediately had two surgeries to try and […]

Apostolate reveals God’s mercy with end-of-life care

When she went to the historic canonization of two popes in Rome on Divine Mercy Sunday in April, Dana Sewald Foss had no idea how quickly and concretely God was […]

Bringing divine guidance to life decisions

Mary Dowd has always believed God decides when a life begins and ends. When her mother’s health rapidly declined last year, Dowd found the support she needed through a local […]