Most believe marriage makes them a better person

The majority of the 2,558 Catholics that responded to a questionnaire conducted by the Archdiocese of Denver indicate they pray regularly, say they would like to hear more homilies on […]

Lecture to cover not only #HowToDad but #WhyToDad

The hashtag #HowToDad was trending on social media recently following a Cheerios’ commercial with a positive message about being a good dad and how “awesome” it is. Last week a […]

Group created to support Catholic health care

To foster the partnership between Catholic health care institutions and the Archdiocese of Denver, Archbishop Samuel Aquila announced the constitution of a new health care commission for the archdiocese. “The […]

Life for a retired pope is peaceful, not hidden

When Pope Benedict resigned last year on Feb. 11, Catholics were unsure what the future would hold for the unprecedented retiree. One year later the former pontiff, who vowed to […]