Sealed with the Holy Spirit, sent to proclaim the Gospel

On May 7, the stands of the Denver Coliseum will be filled with the Holy Spirit when over 5000 gather for what is set to be the biggest confirmation Mass […]

Archbishop fielded questions on restored order during live event

Thousands of faithful listened in on a live phone call when Archbishop Samuel Aquila explained that when it comes to receiving the sacraments, a person’s age is not as important […]

Saints Among Us

Amid the many theological and pastoral reasons for lowering the age of confirmation and restoring it to its original place before first Eucharist, none ranks higher for Archbishop Samuel J. […]

A brief catechism on the “restored order”

Are you confused by all the talk of the “restored order”? Are you unfamiliar with terms such as “sacraments of initiation” and “age of reason”? Don’t worry; it’s all quite […]

Archbishop to discuss restored order of sacraments of initiation

Archbishop Samuel Aquila will host a live phone call at the end of the month to discuss his initiative to restore the sacraments of initiation—baptism, confirmation and Eucharist—to their original […]

Restoring the source and summit of faith

Denver Archbishop Samuel Aquila told a liturgical commission in Pennsylvania last week that a reorder of the sacraments of initiation is needed to provide children “the armaments of battle” in […]