Douglas County elections heat up over school choice

Few issues worry parents more than the quality of education available to their children, which is why school choice is a hot-button, emotional issue for many voters. This fall, the […]

Want school choice? Oppose the Blaine Amendment

On July 18, the Colorado Advisory Committee to the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights held a public briefing to examine the Blaine Amendment as a civil rights issue based on […]

Amidst passage of physician-assisted suicide law, hope remains

After a long and hard fought battle on the part of the Colorado Catholic Conference and the No on Prop 106 campaign, Colorado voters overwhelmingly voted for the passage of […]

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‘Do the right thing’: Bringing the Catholic Faith into politics

How does one do the right thing, and more importantly, what is the right thing? This seems to be the dilemma many Catholics are facing during this uncertain political season. […]

Let’s get political

Sarah Hahn is many things. She’s a runner, a Franciscan University of Steubenville graduate, and the daughter and granddaughter of veterans. However, as a millennial mother of six young children, she was not planning […]

Dignity of criminals and workers defended in legislative bills

During the last legislative session, Colorado Catholic Conference pushed several bills of legislation that seek to promote the values of mercy and forgiveness in the criminal justice system. Senate Bills […]

Physician-assisted suicide a continued threat

Physician-assisted suicide is an issue that’s not going away and all people of good will—not just Catholics—need to be aware of its tragic consequences. That’s the message the Colorado bishops […]

Planned Parenthood videos spark prayerful protest

Pro-life supporters around the country are responding to the series of videos exposing Planned Parenthood’s inhumane practice of harvesting and selling aborted baby organs by getting down on their knees. […]

NARAL applauds more pro-abortion lawmakers

Stanch pro-abortion advocates stood in applause at a NARAL fundraiser for state lawmakers who fought pro-life bills at the Capitol—a move Catholic leader Jenny Kraska called “extreme.” With plaques and […]

Making the case for traditional marriage like a marathon, local attorney says

For the faith community, the Supreme Court’s ruling legalizing same-sex ‘marriage’ was a watershed moment. The damage to the country will continue to unfold, said Jenny Kraska, executive director of […]

No law can change truth of marriage, local bishops say about Supreme Court decision

The U.S. Supreme Court’s closely divided ruling, opening the door to same-sex ‘marriages’ across the United States, drew criticism from Colorado’s bishops who called the decision “gravely unjust” and erroneous […]

Our voices make a difference

Dr. Tom Newman wheeled himself to the microphone before a committee of state lawmakers and a crowd at the Capitol, who were gathered to listen to heart-wrenching testimony of personal […]