Catholic Millennials: Here to stay

Caitlin Pride works with young adults who love the Church. She said she’s noticed that some are able to connect with a parish, but others are effectively turned away. It’s […]

Official Appointments: March 17, 2016

Father James Crisman, who has been reassigned as a pastor in St. Peter Parish in Greeley from his job as Vocations Director, said that the prospect of moving has almost become […]

What the world needs now: more saints

ROME—Challenges were overcome. Friendships were born. Faith was renewed. Those were the blessings some 45 faithful experienced on the April 25-May 3 archdiocesan pilgrimage to Rome to witness the canonization […]

Pilgrims thrilled to get up close to Pope Francis

ROME—On day five of his pilgrimage to Rome, Patrick Lana had his “O-M-M” moment.  It was at Pope Francis’ April 30 general audience. As he arrived for his address, the […]

Side-street view rich in graces

ROME—Among the 800,000 faithful crowded in and around St. Peter’s Square for the April 27 canonization of two popes were most of the Denver archdiocese’s pilgrims. The 45-member group who took part […]