More contraception? At what cost?

Access to birth control is about to get a whole lot easier for Colorado at the peril of women’s health, according to Catholic healthcare specialists. After a bipartisan bill passed […]

Little Sisters appeal to Supreme Court

The Little Sisters of the Poor will pursue their last hope in the drawn-out legal battle over religious freedom by taking their plea to the Supreme Court. The order of […]

Update: Little Sisters wait and pray

The Little Sisters of the Poor are waiting, and praying. “I’m not sure what we’re going to do next,” said Mother Patricia Mary Metzgar, L.S.P., who oversees the Little Sisters’ […]

What they don’t teach in sex-ed

Ever wonder what teachers didn’t tell students during sex-education class? Its likely youth were not told how a woman’s reproductive cycle functions—and even that it’s beautiful, said Abby Sinnett, associate […]

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Lawmakers return to contraception debate

A state bill seeking millions of dollars in funding to continue a government-funded contraceptive program is drawing strong rebuke for its attempt to sterilize women and send false messages about […]

State IUD campaign risky for women, expert says

The state health department made progress last week in gaining support for a $5 million boost to its free contraceptives program targeted to low-income teenagers and young women. A bill […]

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Vicki Thorn: What they didn’t teach in sex-ed

Nationally-recognized Catholic speaker and writer Vicki Thorn will speak at the University of Colorado at Boulder next week on a view of sex not likely discussed in sex education classes. […]