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A surprise mission: Navy officer reunites with family

Navy Petty Officer Bryan Gomez-Trujillo left for a 10-month mission in the Middle East and wasn’t expected home until Christmas.

Or so his family thought.

Two weeks after Operation Enduring Freedom was completed for 21-year-old Bryan, his flight home to Denver landed today, and he headed straight for St. Bernadette School in Lakewood to surprise his two unsuspecting younger siblings.

His brother, fourth-grader Joseph Trujillo, and sister, kindergartner Peyton Trujillo, were so surprised to see him, they were speechless.

The siblings were taking a contrived Spanish lesson with classmates in the cafeteria when a procession of Knights of Columbus in regalia marched in, parted and the uniformed Navy man walked in with open arms and a wide smile.

Peyton immediately wrapped her arms around him, standing on her tip-toes. She wouldn’t let go.

“They had no idea,” Bryan said. “Once she saw me she got excited.”

Joseph reached around his brother with both arms as teachers and students applauded the reunion.

It was a joyous welcome home for Bryan.

Read the full story in the Nov. 27 Denver Catholic Register.





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