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Short life has long-term impact

Inspired by the story of baby Veyda Faith Lamoureux, who lived just 30 hours, Lakewood Knights of Columbus recently raised the funds needed to purchase an ultrasound machine for a pro-life pregnancy center.

Veyda, daughter of Hayley and Trevor Lamoureux, was diagnosed with life-threatening kidney disease halfway through their pregnancy last year.

“I don’t know what her life will be like. You might get an hour, you might get 10,” Hayley recalled the doctor telling them, in a past Denver Catholic story (“30 Hours,” Jan. 17-23). “But I can’t say that one hour won’t be the greatest hour of your life.”

“We went in there knowing whatever time we got, it would be a blessing,” she said, despite the fact that they were encouraged to abort by some doctors.

Hayley and Trevor were blessed with 30 hours with their daughter, who was born Dec. 10 and died in the arms the next day. It was 30 hours that not only changed their lives, but has the potential to change the lives of many expectant mothers.

After reading about Veyda and her parents, members of Knights of Columbus Council 9597 at Our Lady of Fatima Parish, contacted the Lamoureux family and asked if the council could have the honor of naming and placarding the first ultrasound machine they were able to place as “Veyda Faith.”

Hayley and Trevor Lamoureux , with Mike and Megan Daly, at a Knights of Columbus fundraising dinner April 11 at Our Lady of Family Parish in Lakewood.The couple accepted, and on April 11, they joined the Knights at their second annual beer-pairing dinner and auction at the parish to raise funds for the state ultrasound initiative that purchases and places ultrasound machines at medical clinics to make the technology more accessible.

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“(Ultrasound machines) have been proven effective at influencing expecting parents’ decisions to choose life for their babies,” said Tom Martinez, council member.

The event raised $11,000, and when matched with an equal contribution from the Supreme Council, it was enough for the council’s first machine.

“The sophistication of today’s medical technology provides a ‘window on the womb,’” Supreme Knight Carl Anderson explained on the Supreme Council website. “Even from the early stages of pregnancy, a mother can see her developing child, hear the baby’s heartbeat, and recognize the miracle of the new life within her.”

The Lakewood council plans to purchase and place an ultrasound machine in an appropriate pregnancy center as soon as possible.

“That machine will bear the name of Veyda Faith,” Martinez said. “We are grateful to Hayley and Trevor for helping bring even more inspiration to our efforts.”

Combined with local and state councils, the Supreme Council has placed more than 540 ultrasound machines nationwide at a cost of more than $16 million.


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