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Reencounter God’s Mercy: Mass dispensation to be lifted on Pentecost

As we prepare for Pentecost and the reinstatement of the obligation to attend Mass, now is the time to encounter – or rather, reencounter – the mercy of God.

God’s mercy exists not only in the holy sacrifice of the Mass, but more chiefly in the sacrament of reconciliation. Before returning to Mass, why not find a time to go to confession? Hopefully we’ve all still have the chance to go several times over the past year, but if not, God is waiting there for you, asking you to let him forgive you and love you.

Below are a few articles that serve as a powerful reminder of encountering God’s mercy in confession. They can also help to ease you back info confession if you’re out of practice.

Everyone needs mercy – and God offers it in confession

A priest’s top five reasons for returning to confession

What if I’m nervous? A Q&A on common questions about confession

For more information about the return to Mass, visit archden.org/return.


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